Thursday, March 29, 2012

Indoor Trampoline Parks

Photos by OHventures

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
459 Orange Point Drive, Suite E
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Remember when you were little and the coolest kid on the block was the one with the giant trampoline in his or her backyard? It was an absolute blast gathering the neighborhood friends together to try our best flips and twirls and see who could jump the highest...that is, until we got yelled at by the adults for having too many people on the trampoline at once, or doing dangerous stunts. No matter how big that kid's trampoline was, it was never big enough. 

But now, there's a new cool kid on the block: indoor trampoline parks! And while there are a great deal of child and teen oriented events (like birthday parties) that take place here, these massive warehouses of fun are not just for kids! 

These indoor funhouses typically consist of a massive arena with a giant trampoline court, oftentimes with trampolines even on the walls! At these facilities, you can participate in trampoline aerobics, dodgeball (pictured above), free jump (pictured below), or a number of other awesome activities. 

I had the privilege of visiting Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Lewis Center in Delaware County where I participated in all of the aforementioned activities. The dodgeball session took the classic middle school gym class game to a whole new level, giving players the ability to jump high into the air to avoid getting hit, and bouncing to safety if in fear of being eliminated. My team unfortunately did not get too far, but the game is just as fun to watch as it is to play!

The "SkyRobics" fitness class was my personal favorite, as I am a total exercise junkie. We were told that exercising on a trampoline is extremely effective. In fact, one can burn 1,000 calories in one hour! Your legs are the primary muscle group being utilized, however your core also benefits from trampoline workouts, and you improve your balance and get a heck of a cardiovascular workout! The great thing is, you are having so much fun laughing while you are doing it that you don't even feel like you're working out (that is, until you get off the trampoline and your limbs feel like Jell-O). 

But the best way to relive the glory days of youth is to hop around in a "free jump" session, where you can do whatever the heck you want! Most locations charge by the amount of time you choose to jump, and some have a flat rate. Below is a list of all of the indoor trampoline parks you can find in Ohio, in addition to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park (which is a national chain). Clevelanders can hold tight - a Sky Zone location is in the works for your neck of the woods!

3967 Presidential Parkway
Powell, OH, 43065
(614) 792-2582

Kristi's Tumbling & Trampoline
6789 Lakota Lane
Liberty Township, Ohio 45044
(513) 779-8808

Queen City Trampoline & Tumbling7900 E. Kemper Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(513) 489-7575


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