Monday, January 30, 2012

Harding Memorial

Photo by OHventures

Harding Memorial
380 Mount Vernon Avenue
Marion, OH 43302

Ohio is known as the "Mother of Presidents," as it claims home to eight United States presidents, which is more than any other state! The 29th President was Republican Warren G. Harding, who served from 1921 until his death in office in 1923 from congestive heart failure.

President Harding was born and raised in Marion, Ohio in Marion County, which is where one can find his former residence and The Harding Memorial. He was laid to rest in this beautifully designed tomb alongside his wife, Florence Harding. The magnificent structure is a circular formation of columns, 53 feet high and 103 feet in diameter. The sarcophagus containing the late President and First Lady lie in the middle of the structure. The tomb is found at the southeast corner of Vernon Heights Boulevard and Delaware Avenue. It sits on 2 acres of land, atop a slight hill and surrounded by trees. It's truly a remarkable structure.

The above address is Harding's nearby residence, which has been deemed by the Ohio Historical Society as a historic house museum, and a memorial. Harding was born in nearby Blooming Grove, but lived for over 30 years before his presidency with his wife at this house.

It is a privilege to be able to live in a state that bred so many great national leaders. Visiting the tomb and home of President Warren G. Harding makes you stop and think about how much historic significance lies within our great state. Everyone should take a moment to stop by the tomb at some point on a road trip (I stopped through Marion to visit the Harding Memorial on my way back to Columbus from a visit to Toledo). It's truly a national treasure.

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