Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Valley Zipline Tours

We are fortunate here in Ohio to have some fantastic zip lining facilities right at our fingertips! The newest of which is Valley Zipline Tours, found in Fairfield County in the northern part ofLancaster. Built in 2012, Valley Zipline Tours consists of 10 zip lines soaring high in the sky at heights up to over 100 feet above the ground. Brave souls get the rare opportunity to soak in amazing views of the local Catfish Valley, home to an extremely popular fishing pond called Paylake. 

Valley Zipline

The tour begins with a short how-to presentation to get folks acquainted with zip lining. After you get your gear on, you hop onto a mini-zip line to practice with the instructors. Our instructors and tour guides did an awesome job at making us feel comfortable and have a great time the whole way through!

Valley Zipline

Transportation then took our group (we had three, but groups can be as large as eight people) to our very first zip line! We found that the first five zip lines were built from treetop to treetop and were noticeably closer to the ground than the others. This was by design, so that the zip lines would get progressively higher off the ground and therefore ease folks into the idea of the more extreme zip lines that were to come!

We completed the treetop zip lines with ease and moved on to the tower-to-tower zip lines! Three of these zip lines run right above the aforementioned Paylake pond, providing a pretty spectacular view! These above-the-water zip lines are complete behemoths, spanning 1,000 feet from start to end and zooming at over 40 mph! 

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