Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ride The Miller Boat Line Ferry

Photos by OHventures

5174 East Water Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452
(800) 500-2421

Anytime I head out to any of the Lake Erie Islands, be it South Bass Island (home to none other than Put-In-Bay), or Middle Bass Island, I always look forward to the ferry ride!! While you can take a private boat to the islands, riding the ferry is part of the entire experience. Your best bet is to hit up the Miller Boat Line, located on the mainland in Port Clinton, Ottawa County. 

Once you arrive in town, it is advised that you leave your car behind in one of the nearby parking lots (some are free, and some charge a small fee). While the option exists to take your car onboard, it is not advised unless absolutely necessary. There is a much larger fee to take your car on the ferry ($30 round trip), and there is limited space on the ferry for vehicles. This means you could be waiting to get your car on the Miller Ferry for up to 4 hours. 

My friend Anna and I on the upper deck of the Miller Ferry ready to go to South Bass Island!

If you are concerned about transportation once you make it to South Bass or Middle Bass, do not fret! These are small islands, and each have golf carts for rent (try Erie Island Carts on Put-In-Bay and Middle Bass Rentals on Middle Bass), which are the primary means of transportation (believe it or not, you are permitted to take golf carts on roadways!). Taxis and rented bicycles are also great ways to get around without a car. And, many places are also accessible by foot!

Whether or not you leave your car in Port Clinton, you can then make your way to the ticket booth located on the coastline. A one-way ticket for an adult is just $7! This is very affordable. It is recommended to purchase your ticket for the way back as well so that you can save a step later on when you decide to come back (just don't lose it!).

A view of an uninhabited Lake Erie island while riding the Miller Ferry

When you get on the vessel, take a pro tip from OHventures and head immediately to the upper deck!! This way, you get the best view possible and get the best seats! You will love your view from atop the Miller Ferry, with the Lake Erie winds blowing in your face, and awesome sights that look nothing like the rest of Ohio!

Recently, I took a trip to Put-In-Bay with tons of college friends. We all rode the Miller Boat Line's ferry both ways! The wait was not very long, and the ride was smooth and quick. This week, OHventures gave away a FREE ticket to ride the ferry in a sweepstakes on Twitter! We hope the winner enjoys their ride!

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