Sunday, January 31, 2016

Escape Room Downtown

Photos by Escape Room Downtown

203 Market Ave. S. Suite 200
Canton, OH 44702
(330) 844-1492

I think I am now slightly obsessed with the concept of "escape rooms" - small themed rooms where a group of individuals are locked inside and tasked with solving puzzles in order to escape. While I am usually posting about adventures that exercise the body, escape rooms exercise the mind. They bring people together to use their brains to accomplish the goal under the given time limit, which is a huge adrenaline rush!

After an unsuccessful attempt at the Trapped! Escape Room Cleveland, I am happy to report that my latest endeavor at the Escape Room Downtown in Canton had a much happier ending!

The Escape Room Downtown debuted in late 2015 and was immediately a hit! People have come from all over Stark County, the state of Ohio, and beyond to give the room a whirl! 

On January 16, we had a group of folks whose ages ranged from late 20s to early 60s: myself, my mom, my dad, my aunt, and my friends Tim, Zac, Greg, and Cass. Only Zac and I had previously ever done an escape room challenge (the aforementioned Cleveland room), which we failed. So we were all a bit skeptical of our abilities.

The Escape Room Downtown currently has one themed room: The Missing Detective's Office. It essentially is like the board game "Clue" brought to life, with a mix of Dick Tracy thrown in. The story revolves around a private investigator who goes missing, with suspicions of involvement of the Canton mob. Not only is the story line realistic and unique, the room itself is decked out in authentic props that are of the time period, and of course a lot of mind-bending puzzles. There's even live actors that interact with you at one point. It is incredibly well-done and detail-oriented, which our group certainly appreciated.

There were some really clever elements that were thrown into the mix, that made you think outside the box (literally), and not only unscramble codes and clues, but also use some tools in thoughtful ways to reveal more and bust out of the room!

I know that all sounds vague, but I don't want to give too much away to readers, as that would take away the fun and integrity of the game! All I can say is: use all the brain power you have available, and communicate with everyone in the room in order to get it all done. You only have 45 minutes to escape!

All of the folks in our group were on top of our game, because we were able to escape in an impressive time of 25:36, which the employees at Escape Room Downtown said was a very quick time, compared to other groups! We were able to take celebratory pictures (shown above) bragging about our accomplishment!

Soon, more rooms will be added to the Canton location, with different quests and themes! Reserve your room now to see if your group of detectives and sleuths can beat our group's time!

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