Sunday, February 5, 2017

Polar Blast Snow Tubing

Photos by OHventures

In winter months, the Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort (or BMBW for short) located in the northern Summit County town of Peninsula is a fine getaway for those looking for some snowy adventures. BMBW conjures up great memories for me, as I began coming here every wintry Thursday evening as part of my high school's official Ski Club. We hopped on an old yellow bus and drove an hour and a half to what at the time seemed to be enormous eskers. It was then that I learned everything I really needed to know about skiing - from how to walk (more like waddle) in the skis, how and when to utilize the poles, and of course how to zip down the slopes with the greatest of ease. Even though I have been skiing there for nearly 20 years, this weekend was my first-ever trip to the resort's Polar Blast Snow Tubing attraction - and what a BLAST it was!

Snow tubing is the perfect winter activity, as it requires minimal (nearly zero) skill, and is something in which people of most any age can easily participate! All it requires is an inner tube filled with air and a large snow-covered hill - both of which Polar Blast provides for you at a very reasonable cost ($25 for 3 hours or $59 for an all-day pass). The Polar Blast hills are specifically used for snow tubing, so you won't have to worry about sharing the hillside with skiers and snowboarders!

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