Monday, August 24, 2015

Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio

Photos by OHventures

8950 Lavelle Road
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 707-2050

The Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio in Athens is approaching its one year anniversary of being in business, and is quickly becoming a premier Ohio destination for rest and relaxation. This Buddhist-inspired getaway can be found off the beaten path, hidden among the trees and on four acres of the Appalachian hillsides of Southeast Ohio. Travelers can choose to stay overnight in one of four beautifully furnished guest rooms, each with different sized beds and amenities.

In addition to being a cozy wooded bed and breakfast, Bodhi Tree also offers meditative and therapeutic services, such as Thai massages, private yoga classes, and a refreshing and revitalizing flotation tank (an extremely unique and rare experience in the area).

Booking a room (the one with the King Bed, naturally) earlier this summer allowed for me to retreat from the busyness of life, clear my mind, and treat both my body and soul. I opted for a Thai massage coupled with a 60-minute float, which began shortly after I checked myself in to the guesthouse via an access code given to me prior to my arrival.

I was anxious to try the float tank, so I made sure that it was first on my schedule during my visit to Bodhi Tree Guesthouse. The tank itself is located in one of the back rooms of the first floor. It is a giant white pod filled with a high-density saltwater solution, and illuminated with purple lighting. The tank is a sound-proof and light-proof chamber that allows for ultimate solitude and relaxation. There are 90-minute floats and couple floats available as well.

Entering the tank for the first time was a surreal sensation. It took a bit of time to get acclimated to the fact you are completely suspended, with just your face peeking above the water as you lay on your back. But once you trust the fact that you will indeed stay afloat, it becomes an incredibly peaceful experience, complete with light soothing music in the background.

After a quick shower to rinse off the saltwater, it was time for my Thai massage. One of the owners of the Bodhi Tree, Liz Chamberlain, performed this deep pressure massage that is done on mats rather than on a table. Thai massages help to strengthen you with full body stretches that adjust your joints and massage your muscle tissue. It was energizing and much needed!

The rest of the day allowed for me to explore a bit of downtown Athens, which is just 5-10 minutes away! I returned in time to watch the sunset out on the gorgeous back deck, and read a book in the candlelit living room. There are no televisions at Bodhi Tree Guesthouse, so I was accompanied by just the sound of crickets!

One final element of my stay was the complimentary breakfast offered the following morning. It was a hearty vegetarian spread featuring ingredients grown on the premises and sourced from area farms. This included yogurt from Snowville Creamery, and a roasted tomato & gruyere quiche cooked with local eggs. It was a tasty and perfect way to end the stay.

Thanks to the owners Liz and Russell Chamberlain, the Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio is an excellent rendezvous for locals and out-of-towners that will leave you recharged and inspired!

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