Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Extreme Thrills in Ohio

If you came to OHventures looking for some action packed thrills (like the kind Jason Statham's character in "Crank" needs), here is a list of 5 of the most extreme ways to fill your need for speed in the Buckeye State!

1. Cedar Point (1 Cedar Point Drive  Sandusky, OH 44870): I remember going to Cedar Point ever since I was a little tyke. Back then, I never wanted to set foot on anythin that was higher than my dad's shoulders. But, as time went on, I grew up, "grew a pair" and grew tall enough to make it on the biggest and baddest roller coasters found at this massive amusement park! Cedar Point currently holds the record as being the "Best Amusement Park in the WORLD" and has held that title for the past 14 years. This is due to the fact that it has the most roller coasters than any other park on the planet, including the mammoth steel monsters: Magnum XL-200 (209 feet tall), Millennium Force (310 feet tall), and the Top Thrill Dragster (400 feet tall). There is also the Raptor (inverted coaster), Mantis (stand-up coaster), Maverick (95-degree drop coaster), Wicked Twister (inverted impulse coaster), and 9 other amazing coasters. Add to that countless other rides, a water park, and fantastic entertainment, and you have a thrill-seeker's heaven!

2. King's Island (6300 Kings Island Drive Mason, OH 45040): King's Island is the little sibling of Cedar Point, and is in fact owned by the same company that owns Cedar Point. It holds it's own, however, and is more accessible to those in the Southern part of the state. It's home to collossal coasters such as Diamondback (a floorless roller coaster), Firehawk (flying roller coaster), Vortex (looping coaster), and of course the famed wooden coaster, The Beast, which is the longest wooden coaster in the world (lasting over 4 minutes). King's Island also has a water park and tons of non-coaster thrills such as the Drop Tower, Slingshot, and Windsurfer. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!

3. Splatter Park Paintball (5560 County Road 109, Mount Gilead, OH 43338) Not many other activities can get as extreme as paintball! Players gather on either an indoor or an outdoor course to play on teams or individually. While many variations of gameplay exist, the general object is to avoid getting "shot" by paintballs, and to eliminate other players by hitting them with paintballs. It is evident when an opponent is out, as the bright neon colored liquid is splattered upon them. Sounds pretty intense! However, aside from minor welts, it is rare that any major injury occurs when paintball is played properly and with the appropriate safety gear. Splatter Park Paintball has been dubbed the "Best Paintball in Ohio" so if you're looking to play, head here for sure.

4. Ozone Zipline Adventures (5291 State Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054): Ziplining consists of a series of heavy duty wires suspended in the air, typically connected to a tree or manmade platform at either end. A harnass straps the daring rider in and a pulley system allows the rider to hang from the wire and glide - or "zip" - across from one end to the other! This extreme activity offers thrills on a multitude of levels. The speed and height of the zipline varies throughout each "course" and beautiful views of Ohio's lush flora are consistent through and through! Ozone Zipline Adventures has been named the longest (6,000 plus feet) and fasted zipline course in the entire Midwest.

5. Skydive in Ohio (Various Locations): Skydiving is the holy grail of any adventurer. It's the zenith of most bucket lists, and it's pretty hard to outdo yourself after skydiving. After you go skydiving, you get stamped with a title of "badass" for the rest of your life. There are approximately 11 locations to skydive in Ohio. Do your homework to determine which location is best for you!

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